The Politecnico di Torino has always been one of the top choices for Engineering and Architecture worldwide. Its relevant international students community has grown immensely throughout the years and helped strengthen the relationships with other important international universities. Great resources and efforts have been invested to put this process at the heart of the university’s strategic policies.
Some key factors have contributed to make Politecnico a truly international and multicultural university which is currently chosen by over 5,000 international students from more than 115 countries (16% of all PoliTO students): the development of a course catalogue in English, support for international mobility, the creation of a specific department for internationalization and attraction of foreign students, PhD candidates and researchers, the participation in joint projects and research programmes and the creation of new campuses abroad.

Politecnico envisages a number of essential targets for the university: establishing Politecnico di Torino among the top technical universities at international level, merging high-level scientific research with high-quality education and efficient technology transfer actions, knowledge sharing.

Even during this challenging time, PoliTO’s prompt reaction has aimed to guarantee assistance to all the students and international applicants. Online teaching was immediately available for all students, and will be guaranteed also for the Academic Year 2020/21. Understanding the difficulties in retrieving the documents, PoliTO has extended deadlines for language certificates submission and new Master of Science application call has opened, never ceasing to provide direct assistance to all applicants.

The university organize the first edition of the VIRTUAL OPEN DAYS on May 25-29 to give prospective applicants an insight into what it’s like to study at the Politecnico di Torino. On VIRTUAL OPEN DAYS students and families will be able to find out about the Politecnico di Torino through a combination of live and pre-recorded webinar presentations about our courses, the application process, student life, and finance.

Five days of meetings with professors, students and orientation experts, plus the possibility to follow the presentation of 23 Bachelor of Science and 30 Master of Science programs offered by PoliTO in the fields of engineering, architecture, design and urban planning. An occasion to discover also the services, special projects, student teams, opportunities for international students and much more.

In order to attend the VIRTUAL OPEN DAYS please register in advance. Bookings will open in May between 22nd and 24th. Subscribe to our mailing list to keep up-to-date and receive an email once bookings are live.

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Politecnico di Torino has one of the highest proportions of graduates entering graduate-level employment in the country. 90% of Master of Science graduates enter in the job market within one year with better salaries compared to the graduates of other Italian Universities.

Our team of experienced Careers Advisers will be here to support you during your studies once you are at Politecnico, we can work with you to explore your options, and help you connect with employers and navigate the complex job market, saving you time and maximizing your employability prospects. Whether you are sure of the career you wish to pursue when you graduate or you are just starting to explore your options, we will help you take the next steps.

We run “Career Essentials” workshops, on topics including choosing a career, cover letters, applications, and getting ready for interviews.

More than 3000 internships are publicized across all sectors on our Vacancies & Opportunities database.

A wide range of careers events and briefing and skills sessions typically offered by the Career Service each year.

Please find out more in the Career Service webpages:

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